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Refreshing eyewitness account of Grace Kelly's life and marriage as Princess Grace


"This is a definitive book on the real Princess Grace from one who knew her personally. This is a delightfully enjoyable read that gives insight to the real Princess Grace. It is well written and based on fact. This book is not conjecture. It is written by one who was her personal confident. Very enjoyable read" - American Library Association member READ MORE TESTIMONIALS

My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco Book

What was it like to be best friends for 25 years with a princess who has become an iconic legend? A behind-the-scenes account of what Grace Kelly's life and marriage was really like, after she became Princess Grace of Monaco. Intimate stories that only the closest of friends can share, including a 17-day vacation with her family the month before Grace’s tragic death - with over 70 never-before-seen personal photos, letters and diaries that offer refreshing insights not found anywhere else. 

Note: Although the book “My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco” contains the detailed true story of the historic crisis in which Grace Kelly was to return to Hollywood at a time when Prince Rainier almost lost his crown and country, it is not affiliated with the Nicole Kidman movie "Grace of Monaco" 


" A wonderful and thoughtful memoir of a friendship with a much beloved public figure. Respectfully remembered at every turn, never salacious or gossipy, this book is a fabulous tribute to Princess Grace. Just beautiful." - READ MORE TESTIMONIALS

What was Grace Kelly really like after she became Princess Grace of Monaco
Insights Revealed - Grace Kelly
Joan Dale - Author


"Just wanted to say, Thank you, over and over again for letting this book be published. I ordered it two weeks ago from Amazon, I have not be able to to put in down .It is so refreshing, so well written. It draws you in, feeling as though you there. I have read many books on Grace Kelly, as I was a young girl, when she married, and thought she was such a vision on her day and began a scrape book. I can honestly tell you, of all the books I have read, this book has given me the most enjoyment, non of the negative things others have written. Your dear Mother, gave us the insight into the true essence of Princess Grace. So Again, I thank you. Thank you for sharing."


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