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"A phenomenal book that brings a bygone era to life." 

"Beautifully written account of a close friendship between 2 women, one of whom happened to be Princess Grace of Monaco."

"Princess Grace is one of those timeless women, who will forever live in our memories, like Diana and Audrey Hepburn. It was wonderful to read memories and letters chronicling the BFF relationship in a fairytale setting, in a time that doesn't exist anymore. The book also contains lots of wonderful photos from the private collection of the author."

"The mutual respect and affection of these two women is evident on every page, and makes this a very special book. Don't expect gossip or some king of tell-all. This book doesn't have a trashy paragraph in it. It's classy all the way, just like the women it's about."

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( Bookstores order via Ingram - ISBN: 978-1-895885-08-8 )

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Signed copies by co-author Grace Dale, god-daugher of Princess Grace

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USA : $34.95 + $10 (7-9 days)

Canada : $34.95 + $20 (7-12 days)

International : $34.95 + $30 (7-20 days)


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