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Get to know the real Princess Grace

from the first years of her marriage to the last days of her life

(includes the entire behind-the-scenes story of what really happened during the crisis)

"My Days with Princess Grace of Monaco" is my mother's eyewitness account of the real life of Grace Kelly after she became Princess Grace of Monaco, told by one of her closest friends for 25 years. It contains many personal and intimate stories that no one has ever heard before, including the true story of the 1962 crisis that is dramatically fictionalized in the Nicole Kidman film "Grace of Monaco". There are also over 70 personal family photos that have been kept private until now. 

During her lifetime, my mother often thought of publishing these memoirs so people could really get to know Grace as my mother knew her. However, out of loyalty to Grace and to her family, she chose to keep these memoirs private. Throughout the years, as my mother read all of the lies and untruths that were written about Grace, she would pick up her pen to chronicle the truth. Many books have been written by people who never really knew Grace, repeating each other's "research" and falsehoods so often that they seem to be true. 

Out of love and loyalty to the memory of Princess Grace, who was my godmother, I am considering publishing my mother's memoirs at this time in the hope that this book will set the record straight, once and for all…

It is only because of the "Grace of Monaco" film that I am considering releasing this very personal and private story, as it is my hope that this book will shed light on how utterly fictitious the upcoming film really is. The producer of the film, "Grace of Monaco" said: "The film is not intended to tell the true story of the principality," and the movie's director said, "I am not a journalist or historian. I am an artist. I have not made a biopic. I hate biopics in general." However, people often tend to believe what they see, especially because the movie uses the names of real people, and real places, with the basic plot of a real historic incident, however, the reality stops there. 

The family of Princess Grace has decried the film as being ‘needlessly glamourised’ and riddled with ‘major historical inaccuracies and a series of purely fictional scenes’. My family has always kept our relationship with Princess Grace very private, so I have not yet decided whether to actually publish my mother's memoirs. However, I feel it is important that people who see the film have access to the true story, so I am offering an exclusive pre-publication preview for those who want to know what Grace Kelly was really like after she became Princess Grace of Monaco, and what her life, marriage and family were really like, especially in the last days leading up to her tragic death. 

I am making this available for a limited time only, and if I should decide to publish the book this Fall, you may receive a credit toward the purchase of the actual hardcover book.

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