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This sample chapter, "Days of Crisis", is a detailed eyewitness account of what really happened during the 1962 crisis between Monaco and France, when Grace Kelly was to return to Hollywood at a time when Prince Rainier almost lost his crown and country. Joan Dale was Princess Grace's closest friend in Monaco, and Martin Dale (a former U.S. Diplomat) was Prince Rainier's closest advisor at that time – many of the incidents involved in the crisis revolved around them.

Joan and Martin attended countless formal events, luncheons and parties at the Palace of Monaco. The Dales were frequent guests at the Prince’s mountain hideaway of Rocagel, and Joan’s eldest sons were the first playmates of young Prince Albert and Princess Caroline. Princess Grace later became godmother to Joan's only daughter.

Joan and Princess Grace were two young American women in Europe who bonded like sisters. In fact, Joan was often mistaken for one of Grace’s siblings, and even for Grace herself. Out of loyalty to Grace and her family, this relationship has always been kept very private, but now, out of that same loyalty to Grace, it seems that it is time to set the record straight.

In the years since her untimely death, many untruths have been written about Princess Grace by people who never really knew her, repeating each other's "research" until it is accepted as biographical fact. Through letters, diaries and over 70 personal photographs, Joan Dale's book offers insights that only the closest of friends can share. It contains many stories that no one has ever heard before, so you can get to know the true essence and beauty of the real Princess Grace of Monaco, including what her life, family and marriage were really like, and the truth of what happened during the 1962 crisis...

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